General rules of conduct

Take care of each other

Be considerate of each other, respect the personal space and privacy of others, act only by mutual agreement - only yes means yes! "Why didn't you say no" does not apply. If you have a negative or distressing experience, contact your companions, trusted people on the grounds, and/or our crew (security/paramedics, staff).

Drink water, but do not share with others

Stay hydrated at all times and drink water in small sips, whether you want to stay sober or not. Cold, free drinking water is available on campus. Do not accept liquids that have not been poured in front of you at the bar. Do not share drinking vessels with others. Never leave your drinks unattended. Always hold your drinks in your hand!

nform yourselves

Download and use the "KnowDrugs app." The app is free and provides comprehensive, up-to-date information and warnings about substances and harm reduction guidance. Poly-drug use or mixing with alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

Talk it up

If you observe non-consensual acts or assaultive behavior, speak up to people or reach out to our staff.

Believe each other

When in doubt, trust the account of those involved and help others.

Do not forget to sleep

Sleep is essential and not a personal flaw, give your bodies a break. When you go to sleep, inform your people, or have trusted people accompany you.

Do you feel uncomfortable?

Seek help from others immediately

Inform your colleagues, trusted people from your environment, our crew and/or the medical post and describe to them any change in your condition or perception. Ask them to stay with you if your condition worsens. Ask people you do not want near you to leave the situation - offenders may act as supposed helpers.

Involve our staff

Contact our crew, security or the professionals at the first aid post. Talk to them about your condition and what you know or suspect led to it - they will help you, call for assistance and, if necessary, provide you with professional care in our rest room in the first-aid post.

Seek medical help

If you feel you are under the influence of date rape drugs or knockout tropes - through so-called drink or needle spiking - get tested for Rohypnol / Flunitrazepam, Fentanyl, Scopolamine, Propofol, GHB / GBL, Ketamine or other downers. Ask for HIV and hepatitis postexposure prophylaxis medications in case of physical injury. Disclose to medical professionals what you knowingly consumed in advance of your condition worsening. Doctors are bound by medical confidentiality, but information will help them help you.

You can help others!

Learn more and act

Approach the person in need, ask how they are doing, if they want or need help. If you are unsure of another person's condition, ask others to get help through our security, paramedics or crew and stay with the person yourself.

Share your contact information, but respect personal reservations.

You don't know each other, but you've made observations that could help others? Offer to share your contact information with concerned people. Respect that you are a stranger to others and your offer may be turned down. Among colleagues, never let someone go alone with others if they are unknown to you or you don't trust someone.

Don't offer 'self-medication'

Never offer a substance to change, 'slow down' or 'improve' a person's condition. In almost all cases, this will worsen or complicate the situation. Please inform the ambulance post. There are professionals working here who know exactly what to do in which case.

First Aid

A highly trained and equipped team of emergency physicians/doctors, paramedics, emergency nurses and Samaritans is on standby for emergencies. Care and treatment is provided directly at the emergency center or at the outposts. If further hospital care is needed, we organize transport to the Visp hospital. The ambulance post is manned around the clock. More information at:


Weather warning

In case of storm warning (wind from approx. 65 km/h) orange rotating lights are switched on at neuralgic points. These show you that a storm is to be expected and that you should secure your tents in the campground. Corresponding information will also be given on the screens near the stages and acoustically via the stage loudspeakers.


Our security crew is responsible for the security at the festival. They are well educated and trained and know how to act in every situation. Strictly follow the instructions of our official security crew. In case of an incident, use the well signposted emergency exits and pay attention to the information on the screens.

Video surveillance

The safety of visitors is most important to us. We do a lot in this area. There is video surveillance over the entire site to protect visitors. This allows us to intervene where necessary and direct visitor flows. Every visitor is aware that they are being video-monitored. The recordings will be deleted after the festival.

Alcohol prevention

Children and adolescents under 16 years of age are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol. Adolescents under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from consuming spirits and drinks containing spirits (mixed drinks). If age cannot be determined beyond doubt, official identification must be shown to staff. If you drink too much, your inhibitions will drop. Pay attention to what you drink and especially how much you drink. Drink enough soft drinks and eat enough during the festival. Another extra tip: Watch out for each other, watch out for your colleagues.

KO Drop

Unfortunately, there are always idiots who use knockout drops. Watch your drink. Never leave it unattended - even for a short moment.


Drugs are anything but cool. The security police of the canton carries out controls in relation to drugs and narcotics.

Sun cream

Cool girls and boys on the site distribute sun cream. Otherwise ask at the two information booths!

Hearing protection

Quiet music is not a pleasure. But neither is too loud music. In 'Gampel' we adhere to the legal regulations. Whoever still finds this too loud can and should protect themselves. We distribute free ear plugs at our two information booths and at selected bars.

Waste disposal

Trash Heroes are the heroines and heroes who make sure that there is no sweeping atmosphere on the grounds. They empty buckets and take care of general cleanliness. By their appearance they encourage the visitors to a disciplined waste handling. Please pay our deep gratitude to these heroes and treat them with the necessary respect.

Swiss Climate

As the CO2 balance shows, the travel of the visitors is one of the main factors for CO2 emissions. We therefore appeal to every visitor to organize and carry out his journey by public transport.

Parents' area of responsibility

The organizers try to fulfill all legal requirements. However, it is also up to parents and guardians to provide their underage children with the necessary information and to make clear agreements with them.

Attendance at the festival

For minors, the responsibility for attending the festival lies with the parents. It is advisable to negotiate fixed agreements with your child regarding the length of stay, return home, etc., which will subsequently be observed by both parties. However, parental agreements never override the legal regulations or the regulations of Opensir Gampel.


Various problems that may arise during a visit to the festival should be discussed with minors in particular before they attend the festival. These include finances (keeping pocket money), alcohol and drug consumption, clothing (rain, temperature), theft, sexuality, sunburn (hat, cream).


Parents and young open-air visitors should make fixed appointments per day to contact each other by phone (cell phone, SMS). This measure provides the necessary security, especially for the parents.


Parents should know with whom and in what company their child is attending the festival. Also ask for the cell phone number of your colleagues.

Invitation to all parents

Those who are young at heart feel at home at the Openair. So why not spend a day experiencing the festival atmosphere with your child or other adults? This provides the best impressions, puts prejudices into perspective and subsequently offers the opportunity to have much more concrete discussions with the child.