Age restriction

An openair is basically not for (small) children. There will be no childcare service. Please think twice if you really want to take your (small) children to the Openair. If you bring small children, please also make sure that they have sufficient ear protection.

The entry age for overnighting young people who do not attend the Open Air accompanied by their parents is set at 16 years. There will be ID checks at the entrance. Children up to 12 years of age may only be on the premises if accompanied by an adult with parental authority.

Children up to 12 years of age (the exact date of birth is decisive) are admitted free of charge when accompanied by a parent or guardian. At the cash desk, the age will be checked in each case and the wristband will be put on on the spot.

All bar operators are clearly instructed to enforce the legal requirements regarding the serving of alcohol. Light alcoholic beverages are sold from 16 years, hard alcohol from 18 years. All stand operators have received the requirement from the Openair Gampel to offer at least one non-alcoholic drink (mineral water) below the price of the alcoholic products.


It's clear, rules are anything but cool. Nevertheless, certain rules are necessary with so many festival visitors. Below are the most important ones:

  • Dangerous items are forbidden on the entire site and will be confiscated at the entrance. Dangerous items include weapons of all kinds (firearms, stabbing weapons, knives, explosives, slingshots for water balloons, slingshots for stones, etc.), pepper spray, flammable liquids, all kinds of tools such as hammers, hatchets, wrenches, screwdrivers (list not exhaustive), laser pointers and fireworks.
  • Dangerous items handed in at the entrance, as well as items confiscated on the premises which have been smuggled in, will be disposed of by the organizer. A return is excluded.
  • The safety boards placed at the entrance inform our guests about the most important rules of conduct and can help to act correctly in case of emergency.
  • Professional photo equipment as well as video cameras and tape recorders are prohibited on the festival grounds. Pocket cameras are permitted. Also allowed are smaller digi-cams without interchangeable lenses, iPods, MP3 players and other playback devices. Selfie sticks are also not allowed.
  • Also prohibited are drones with or without a permit.
  • Animals are not allowed on the campsite or in the festival area.
  • Swimming in the nearby Rotten is life-threatening! The Rotten is a flowing body of water that can change its water level within a very short time. We decline any liability claims. For those who enjoy swimming, we refer you to the indoor swimming pool in Steg, the open-air swimming pool in Visp or the adventure pool in Brigerbad. PostBus Valais will be happy to drive you there.
  • If you want to bring your own drinks to the campsite, you are allowed to bring 3 liters of drinks in freely selectable units to the campsite. Bringing glass bottles is prohibited. Aluminum cans are allowed! It is not allowed to bring beverages to the actual party festival area. In the camping there is a pick-up market with chilled drinks at "clean" prices. In addition, there is free drinking water on the entire area.
  • The lighting of fires is strictly forbidden in the camping area. This also includes any kind of barbecue models and gas containers.
  • Gasoline generators are not allowed on the camping area and are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to distribute or attach flyers or other promotional material.


We assume that we will be allowed to hold a "normal" festival in 2023 without extensive protective measures. Consequently, no registration of tickets is necessary. This also applies to those who still have a valid 1000-day ticket - no registration is required.

The tickets must be exchanged for a festival wristband in the exchange zone. These wristbands must be worn tightly around the wrist during the entire festival. Damaged or loose wristbands will not be replaced.

Attention when buying tickets: The Openair Gampel recommends to buy tickets only at the official advance booking offices authorized by the organizer. Never buy a ticket that is offered before the official presale start. The ticket dealers are not in possession of valid tickets at that time. There is a risk that you will never receive the tickets you paid for.The following platforms are usually not official presales, but resellers or exchange platforms on which professional and private resellers engage in speculative trading with the purchase and sale of event tickets: Alltickets, Viagogo, Onlineticketsshop, Worldticketshop, Vienna Ticketoffice, Ticketbande, Ebay, Ricardo. We strongly advise against purchasing tickets on these platforms.

Admission / Festival Opening

The camping area will open on Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 08:00. Tents placed before will be rigorously removed. The party area of the festival opens on Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 12:00. This leaves enough time to set up accordingly on the approximately 15 hectares of camping. Every day between 06.00 - 09.00 o'clock the area will be closed for cleaning.