Openair Gampel
Sustainability charter

Take care!

The Openair Gampel is an integral part of the cultural life in Valais and in Switzerland. This sustainability charter concerns in particular the environment of the beautiful Valais nature, to which we want to take care. At the same time, we promote the social cohesion of our exuberant and peaceful party guests, but also the social cohesion with all partners who make Gampel possible. Furthermore, we want to operate sustainably and fairly in order to be an important partner for society.

Tackle together!

We seek dialog with all key stakeholders to gather ideas and focus on what is important. We listen! Together with other organizations, we want to define and implement sustainability.

Doing the right thing!

What we do should have a hand and a foot. Our professional sustainability concept is meaningful. We focus on what we can positively influence with our partners.

Say what we do!

We want to talk about what we do. Sustainability must be measurable and tangible. High transparency in communication is an important aspect.

2022: Strong reduction of the CO2 footprint!

  • Per visitor 10 kg Co2
  • Total amount of waste 74.9 tons; reduction of 42 %.
  • 45.5 % of the waste is recycled
  • Energy consumption per person 3.5 kwH; reduction of 0.8 kg Co2 per visitor

Our vision

As a starting point, we have established three visions to guide us over the next few years:


We do not produce waste, neither on nor off stage. Everyone is responsible for their own waste.
With volunteers on site, we ensure a clean site so that little waste is produced and what is left behind is recycled as much as possible.

Our motto is:
→ No waste!

is a VIP

Every guest is equally important to us, regardless of his or her physical or mental fitness or social standing, everyone is welcome here! We want to strengthen social cohesion with this.

Our motto is:
→ Everyone is a VIP!

Not bigger,
but greater

We learn from experience and create enough space for every guest: more air and more space to celebrate! The quality is in the foreground before the quantity.

Our motto is:
→ Not bigger, but better!