Openair Gampel

Line Up


Man, cult is coming to 'Gampel'! They have been successfully on the road since the mid-80s. With over 42 million records sold, they are one of the most successful bands in the world. Young and old know their punk anthems such as "Self esteem", "The kids aren't alright" or "Pretty fly (for a white guy". The last album "Let the bad times roll" was released in 2021 after a break of almost 10 years. Since then, the band has lost none of its irrepressible power; on the contrary, the last album landed in the top chart positions worldwide.


The Hamburg hip-hop and electropunk formation with a huge penchant for exaggeration celebrate a big party live. Wumbaba at its finest. A nasty extreme close-up experience. Simply bottomless smash and, unfortunately, absolutely awesome! Simply breathtakingly ingenious, constant, one more shovelful, you won't be able to fall asleep.


Mysterious, behind a mask and always wearing a hoodie, the Norwegian DJ and producer is mega successful. With more than 15 billion streams worldwide, almost 15 million followers on social media and 30 million fans a month on Spotify, he is one of the most successful EDM artists of our time. His fourth longplayer, "Walkerworld", was released at the end of last year.


Electric Callboy are currently one of the hottest live acts when it comes to modern heavy sound. Completely sold-out shows throughout Europe, including recently in Basel's St. Jakobshalle, and one single record after the next prove their current exceptional status.


What an explosive British alternative rock genius! Yungblud makes punk rock. His lyrics are introspective, disarmingly honest and representative of the spirit of his generation. It is therefore not surprising that Yungblud can count on a huge fan base. Yungblud's music is streamed by 6.3 million Spotify users every month and his YouTube videos reach billions of views.


Alligatoah's success is no coincidence, his art is far more than trivial humor, his wit an efficient tool for coping with world-weariness and interpersonal wounds. At the end of last year, he shocked his fans by suddenly deleting all his social media posts. There was speculation about the end of his career. Thank goodness it wasn't like that. His "comeback" single "So raus" was a hard-hitting collabo with the legend Fred Durst.


Since the release of their debut single "Stolen Dance" in 2013, Milky Chance have been in constant motion. The song reached the top of the charts in more than a dozen countries before even reaching #1 internationally on the American Billboard Alternative Charts. In the years that followed, the band released four critically acclaimed studio albums, played sold-out concerts around the world, appeared on almost every late-night television show and played legendary festivals from Coachella to Lollapalooza.


Ashnikko is an American-Lithuanian rapper and songwriter. She gained international fame through her viral hit "Stupid" on TikTok. Ashnikko is known for her striking blue hair color and her feminist lyrics, which often address taboo topics such as sexual harassment.


Although Grandson is a municipality in the canton of Vaud, it is even more so a gifted Canadian-US-American and highly innovative musician. His lyrics deal with endless fears, worries, enlightenments and questions that ultimately swirl around in our heads. His sound is driven by rich bass, guitars and electronic devices. Must be discovered!


The Scottish singer/songwriter hit the top of the international charts with his brute hit "Leave a light on". Since then, he has become one of the world's biggest distinctive voices. The BRIT Awards winner delivers one catchy tune after another. His sound always remains unmistakable and magical.


Roy Bianco & die Abbrunzati Boys is the most successful Italo pop group in Germany (and probably also in Italy). According to the band's bio, it all began in 1982 at a pop festival in Italy. Forty years later they are back, crisp as ever, schmaltzy and airy with lots of charm, with plenty of dolce vita and grande amore. Their last longplayer landed them at #1 in the charts in Germany.


What an honor. Stress presents the very first francophone "MTV Unplugged" album in history and only the second of its kind for a Swiss act after Patent Ochsner. And just in time for its 20th anniversary.


No Swiss rapper is more successful in Germany than Monet192. Ever since his collaboration with Badmómzjay on the song "Papi", the Swiss Music Award winner has been a permanent fixture there. Last year, the style icon released two rap albums, "Electus" and "Cuffing Season". On his long, ambitious journey, Monet has continued to perfect his precision in terms of flow, arrangement and melody and has long since found his signature sound between German rap and R'n'B.


Bligg continues his tradition of carving the Swiss state of mind in stone: On his current number #1 album "Tradition", Bligg tells 14 powerful stories. He is solo again for the first time in three years, but not alone - thanks to features by Streichmusik Alder, the M.S.G. McAuley Schenker Group and newcomer Aaron Asteria.


Instead of punk singalongs like with the band Jennifer Rostock, lead singer Yaenniver is switching to trendy spoken word. Her debut album "Nackt" reached number 3 in the German charts. Now new music is on the way.


Versengold stand for folk rock with modern German lyrics. Since 2003, the folk-rock band has been entertaining their fans with sophisticated and imaginative lyrics, an acoustic sound and unusual musical arrangements with influences from Irish folk. The songs are full of energy and suitable for parties and dancing.


The ska-punk band Less Than Jake have been proving for decades how powerful their mix of punk rock and ska unites fans all over the world. The Florida five-piece will be performing plenty of old classics and of course the fresh hits from their latest album. Live, it's one for the ears: Moshpits, crowdsurfers, stage invasion included!


Techno is his passion. The young Koblenz-based DJ and producer Bennett is an expert at merging driving techno beats with cool, off-kilter songs. His unique techno version of the classic film soundtrack "Vois sur ton chemin" has inspired the whole of Europe. In Germany, the techno hit even reached number 1 in the charts. Shortly afterwards, he played at Tomorrowland and Ushuaia Ibiza.


Cari Cari is a highly exciting Austrian indie rock duo with international appeal. Still an insider tip in Switzerland, the duo can be musically categorized somewhere between The Kills, The XX and Cat Power.


What a perfect wake-up band for a Sunday morning. The brass music roars the last remaining alk out of your skull. Their Bavarian gypsy brass, funk brass or alpine jazz techno is inspiring.


The boys from Lany are the epitome of style and swag. With their smooth R&B beats and irresistible pop hooks, they fully capture the zeitgeist of the Zettis. Lany take the vibe to a whole new level. Melodies and lyrics are combined in such a way that both the stomach and the head are equally drawn to them.


2.1 million monthly streams on Spotify and a total of over half a billion streams in over 100 countries. Incredible figures for the most international Bernese act with Albanian roots. In 2018, she landed a huge global hit with DJ Alle Farben and "Fading". Ilira is now no less successful as a singer/songwriter.


Rarely has a Swiss-German song made such an impact throughout the German-speaking world as "Juicy". With it, Arber Rama from Wetzikon has written Swiss music history. Swiss German sounds more international than ever thanks to EAZ. He has his current #3 album "Liquoer Store" with him.


The Swiss singer never beats around the bush. He skips unnecessary musical detours and reduces it to the essentials. And that goes down well. He has been an integral part of the Swiss dialect scene for 20 years. He has released nine albums to date, almost all of which have reached number one in the charts, including the latest "Wenn s Läbe drzwüsche chunt".


The Lucerne friends make common cause. More lively and innovative than their Bernese counterparts. "So dumm", "Bouba" and "Loser mit Fame" show musically and lyrically what pop rap in Switzerland is capable of today. The first Kollab album went straight to #2 in the Swiss charts.


Joost, the Dutch YouTuber and rapper, has taken the music scene by storm. He made his breakthrough with his cover version of the song "Friesenjung" by Otto Waalkes together with rapper Ski Aggu. The song was #1 in the German charts for weeks. In 'Gampel' he proves that you can also rap really well in Dutch.


Yung Yury is celebrated for his unmistakable fusion of techno and German rap. His hit "Tabu." stayed in the top ten of the German singles charts for weeks and cemented his status as an up-and-coming star of the music scene.


With an attitude that lies in the golden mean between Kool Savas, Limp Bizkit and Girl Gang in the skate park, Antifuchs manifests her status as the next Queen of Rap. Anyone who gets to know the Slim Lady realizes that the Kazakhstan-born fox belongs to the crème de la crème of German rap MCs; both on record and on stage: period!


Ode to the bass" - what a TikTok hype. Behind it is PaulWetz, a singer/songwriter and producer from southern Germany with a sound somewhere between indie and electronic. The newcomer now has 230,000 followers on TikTok.


"Knöppel ehr Wichser!" is how snotty Knöppel come across. Including the iconic urinal poet Jack Stoiker. So far he has attracted attention with all kinds of strange things. Now comes this "Wichser" album - a concept album. Whereby the concept is basically limited to the word "wanker" appearing in every song. After all. Punk junk at a high level.


Blumengarten is an up-and-coming indie folk band with house and hip-hop influences whose music transports listeners into a dreamy world full of poetry. With their harmonious melodies and profound lyrics, they create a unique atmosphere that touches the he


Saint Chaos sound like no one else on the German music scene. The alternative rock duo from Berlin has created a unique blend of rock and electronic music that has made them one of the most streamed English-language rock bands in Germany over the last three years. An insider tip!


"In times when nothing seems certain. Between fake news and deep fakes. Where you no longer know what to believe - just believe in us." And the rag pack is damn right. Some things you just have to call a spade a spade, even if it hurts or others might get annoyed. So, the best, most resourceful and most passionate rock band in Germany is Das Lumpenpack, period.


Inspired by the punk rock of the 2000s, Esther develops an emancipated, courageous sound full of color. Between influences from pop and light punk, the variety in her musical work as a songwriter is particularly valuable to Esther. With stories from the reality of her own life, her lyrics hit sore points and brim with self-confidence.


The Australian duo Royel Otis are undoubtedly one of the most exciting indie acts in the world. Their "Oysters in my pocket" became a sunny throwback hit. Their sound is innovative and timeless at the same time. A newcomer band to discover!


Ikkimel is the exaggerated personification of the bad behavior that the Roman Catholic Church has always warned against. When West Berlin's "best horse in the stable" rides on stage with a big mouth, skimpy outfit and sore nose, she behaves like Pippi Longstocking on party drugs.


Two pigtails, a latex mask, underwear and lyrics to make you blush! Shoki is all this and much more. Provocation as a program. The uninhibited rap newcomer is the hottest shit at the moment! With an ignorant flow, Shoki raps bluntly and explicitly about sex, white lines on scratched cell phone displays and her everyday life in the den of iniquity on rattling break beats infused with 808s, thick bass and hyperpop influences.


Hauke Schmidt, alias Crystal F, makes rap in a special niche, away from the mainstream. The musician is not only known for his solo project, but also for his band Ruffiction, with whom he has been releasing music since 2014.


Rarely is a Swiss voice as fascinating as Remo Forrer's. As the winner of "The Voice of Switzerland", the likeable 22-year-old singer took part in the international ESC in 2023, where he represented Switzerland in the final. "Watergun" is already a defining anthem for the ages. Now Forrer is taking off with new songs.


Nemo used to be the crass and cheeky rapper in Swiss German. Nemo has put that chapter on the shelf like a book. Now another dimension is on the horizon. At the ESC, "The code" will inspire the whole of Europe. Nemo is lively, but also fragile and delicate, but always authentic and international


He is soul, he is rhythm, he is joie de vivre, he is a singer-songwriter; a cosmopolitan, an incredibly winning personality who loves the language of music and entertainment and celebrates it like no other. His voice is unmistakable. For over 20 years.


Swiss indie pop/soul singer/songwriter Dana makes music that helps people understand what it means to be vulnerable. The former SRF Best Talent is in the spotlight, culminating in a nomination for the Swiss Music Award.


This is what Swiss music must sound like in 2024. The Geneva-based future pop band's songs have now been streamed over 1 billion times on YouTube and have charted in over 30 countries. The sensational live band led by charismatic musical maestro Guillaume de Kadebostany only plays very rarely in Switzerland. Let's celebrate his funeral with this exceptional artist, because his new album is called "Play This at My Funerals".


Pablo Nouvelle and Nativ do business together. On record and on tour. At first glance, the focus of the two could not be more different: While Pablo Nouvelle is primarily active in the electronic field, Nativ is considered one of the most relevant exponents of the Swiss rap scene. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, they harmonize perfectly.


The air smells of red berries and citrus fruits, palatable, fresh and lively. Hips and heads move to urban pop and afro beats. The three friends around Opération Zéro have been working on sweat-inducing live shows and the unique sound of eternal vacations since their youth in Bern.


Loud music late at night, arguments about the stairwell cleaning schedule, passing each other without greeting; all this and more can get on your neighbors' nerves. The Valais pop/rock band Die Nachbarn has therefore dedicated itself all the more to harmony and togetherness. The result is varied pop/rock with entertaining German lyrics.


With Windows95man, 'Gampel' hires a third ESC act. The Finn is a clichéd 90s character named after a computer operating system. In the song's iconic ESC performance, Windows95man hatches out of an oversized egg at the beginning of the song and spends the song searching for a pair of trousers. When he finally puts them on, pyrotechnic fountains spray out of small tubes on the side.

Urban Dome


Sunday morning rave

German DJ and producer Neelix took the idea of progressive trance one step further, mixing bouncy offbeat rhythms with elements from a huge range of styles including progressive house, electro, tech house and even pop. When we talk about the "Neelix sound", we are referring to a highly dynamic interpretation of party music that has inspired an entire generation of producers.

ir screens.

Element 20

DJ Lineup


Urban Dome


15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 16.08.2024
14:00, 17:00, 03:00
Red Bull, Red Bull, Red Bull

Alice DiMar


Peter Brix

15.08.2024, 16.08.2024
14:00, 14:00
Red Bull, Red Bull

Don Jogi

15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024
23:00, 23:00, 23:00
iischi Party, iischi Party, iischi Party



15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
20:00, 20:00, 03:00, 20:00, 21:00, 04:00
The Village, Urban Dome, The Village, The Village, Urban Dome, Urban Dome

Steve O

15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024
21:00, 02:00, 01:00, 03:00
Urban Dome, The Village, The Village, The Village


15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
17:00, 23:00, 14:00, 22:00, 23:00, 02:45
Urban Dome, Urban Dome, The Village, Urban Dome, Urban Dome, Urban Dome

Pascal Tokar


15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024
02:00, 22:00, 02:00
Red Bull, Red Bull, Red Bull


Andrea Bonomelli

The Village

Berner Groove Mafia


Jonas Right

15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 17.08.2024
14:00, 17:00, 19:00
Urban Dome, The Village, Urban Dome


15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 16.08.2024
19:00, 24:00, 24:00
Urban Dome, Red Bull, Urban Dome



Michael Seelenruhig

Sachi Toyama

Steven Fox

Red Bull


15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
14:00, 17:00, 01:00, 17:00, 20:00, 20:00, 23:00, 04:00
iischi Party, The Village, Urban Dome, iischi Party, The Village, iischi Party, The Village, Urban Dome


15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
24:00, 04:00, 02:45, 01:00, 02:45
The Village, Urban Dome, Urban Dome, The Village, Urban Dome

DJ Bächli

iischi Party


15.08.2024, 15.08.2024
17:00, 03:00
Red Bull, Red Bull

Jan Black

15.08.2025, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024
20:00, 20:00, 17:00
iischi Party, iischi Party, iischi Party


16.08.2024, 16.08.2024
14:00, 17:00
Urban Dome, The Village


16.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024
14:00, 17:00, 14:00
Red Bull, Urban Dome, Red Bull

Tahiti Snow

15.08.2024, 15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
17:00, 23:00, 17:00, 14:00, 17:00, 03:00
The Village, Red Bull, The Village, Urban Dome, The Village, Red Bull


17.08.2024, 17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
14:00, 17:00, 19:00
The Village, Urban Dome, Red Bull


15.08.2024, 16.08.2024, 17.08.2024
14:00, 14:00, 14:00
iischi Party, iischi Party, iischi Party


17.08.2024, 17.08.2024
22:00, 03:00
Red Bull, Red Bull


15.08.2024, 16.08.2024
21:00, 03:00
Red Bull, Red Bull


Laser Lele




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Frequently asked questions

Are my colleagues allowed to join me (premium owner) in the same campsite on Thursday with a normal ticket?

Camping for PREMIUM owners is in a separate place. It cannot be guaranteed that your colleagues will have space next to you in this area.
Premium ticket holders will have the opportunity to move into the campsite already on Wednesday evening and secure a great spot on the campsite. It is important to mention that it is forbidden to reserve the places for the other group of friends only on Wednesday evening.

For example, with a 1-day pass Saturday, can I already enter the festival area at 00:00 on Saturday?

With your Saturday Day Pass you are allowed to enter the festival area from Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 09:00.

Do we still have free slots for our band?

For the Openair Gampel 2023 we have already covered all slots. Feel free to contact us from October 2023 with your application to the following address:

Do I have to pay for transportation to the festival by public transport?

No, public transport by train and bus between Visp and the festival site, as well as between Gampel station and the festival site are now included in the ticket price. Not included in the ticket price, however, is the night transport by PostBus Valais between 00:00 and 06:00. This unique integration is the result of a cooperation between Openair Gampel on the one hand and the public transport providers SBB Rail Away, RegionAlps, PostBus Valais and Ruffiner Reisen on the other. This also includes the shuttle transport for the parking lot users Turtmann, whereby they pay for the shuttle through the parking fee.

Are there free campsites in the region?

All hotels in the nearby area are already fully booked. There are still some free rooms in Visp, Brig, Sierre and Leuk.

Where can I park my caravan / camper?

On the airfield in Turtmann there is the Park & Ride, where you can park your caravan for an extra charge. However, there is no electricity and water connection there, it has only some toilets on site.

How long can I stay at the campsite with a 1-day pass?

You are welcome to stay at the campsite with a valid festival ticket. It doesn't matter which ticket category you have. The campsite is open from Thursday - Sunday for everyone with a valid ticket.

Are helpers still needed?

From around the end of May, job postings will be published on our social media. Afterwards, you can apply to these postings if you like a job there. We look forward to hearing from you!

I would like to upgrade my ticket to PREMIUM. How to do it?

Please send the following information to to upgrade:
Name and first name, postal and billing address, existing ticket category (incl. photo attached), desired ticket category. Afterwards we can give you further information about the upgrade by mail.

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