Cash withdrawal

You can make cashless payments everywhere on the site.
If you still want to use cash, you can use the ATMs in the village of Gampel.sasdfsdf

Disabled fellow

Disabled people who have an official disabled parking card can reach the festival via the EAST access road. Disabled toilets are available at the sanitary area in the site center. The festival takes place mainly on a meadow. Access in the rain may be difficult for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair users and accompanying person buy their ticket regularly via our official ticket portals. For more information on how to get there, please contact or 027 932 50 10.


The visitors have at their disposal the known area. The area will be closed between 06.00 and 09.00 for cleaning. The clearing of the area will start at 05.00 (no music). In this zone there will be various food stalls as well as various entertainment offers for entertainment.

The new site plan will be published at a later date.

Info stand / lost property

The Openair Gampel information stand is located on the grounds and also serves as a lost and found office.

The information desk is open daily from 14.00 - 06.00. After the festival, the lost property will be stored in the Festival Office for one year. If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Rock Hock Association
Lost property
P.O. Box 208
3940 Steg
Infoline: +41 (0)27 932 50 10

Towed cars and terrain information are deposited at the information desk.


At our festival merchandising booth many cool gadgets and shirts will be offered. Be sure to go there!

Cell phone filling station at Chimpy

The cell phone filling station (right at the entrance to the festival grounds) guarantees you a full cell phone at the festival. For a fee (+ deposit) you can borrow a power bank and charge your phone on the go.

Cell phone guide

The Openair Gampel website is also accessible for tablets and cell phones. All information, such as the timetable or current info, photos or interviews with GampelTV will be continuously prepared and provided during the festival.


Directly after the main entrance and access to the concert area are the schlü lockers. They can be used either for a fee of CHF 2.- per locker or for a daily flat rate. Under my locker you can book and pay for your locker before the festival.

Lock up your personal valuables like car/apartment keys, ID cards, credit cards, backpacks, motorcycle helmets etc. and enjoy the festival.
If you lose your locker key, there is an emergency number on the lockers or you can contact our helpers on site.

Festival Market

The camping site has its own festival shopping market with MIGROS products. The Migros festival sales bus has everything you need for the open air: from fresh fruit and bread to sandwiches and sweet or salty snacks to a selection of non-food products such as toothbrushes and shower gel. There are also limited quantities of the legendary M-Budget oensis.

This is located in the center of the camping.


In the center of the campsite is installed a shower zone protected from view. The showers are chargeable!

Fun Park

Gampel has its own fun park with all kinds of rides. The adrenaline will shoot you away!