The public transport (train and bus) between Visp and the festival area, as well as between Gampel station and the festival area are now included in the ticket price.
Not included are the night buses of Postauto Valais daily between 00.00 to 06.00.

4-day pass Thu-Sun

CHF 275

Exclusive advance booking fees

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3-day pass FR-Sun

CHF 235

Exclusive advance booking fees

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2-day pass Sat-Sun

CHF 185

Exclusive advance booking fees

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1-day pass Thursday

CHF 130

Exclusive advance booking fees

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1-day pass Friday

CHF 130

Exclusive advance booking fees

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1-day pass Saturday

CHF 130

Exclusive advance booking fees

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1-day pass Sunday

CHF 90

Exclusive advance booking fees

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Group tickets

With a purchase of 10 x 4-day pass you get the 11 ticket for free!

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To the festival ticket (4 days) you get additionally:

  • Exclusive access to camping already on Wednesday, 16.08.2023, starting at 16 o'clock
  • No stress with looking for a place, separate camping area
  • Food & drinks already on Wednesday evening
  • Separate entrance ("Fast lane") during four days
  • Access to the Premium area (former VIP) during four days with separate sanitary facilities
  • Lanyard in Gampel visual with high-quality access pass
  • Exclusive "Premium" T-shirt in your size

ab CHF 390

Exclusive advance booking fees

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Attention when buying tickets

The Open Air Gampel recommends to buy tickets only at the official advance booking offices authorized by the organizer. Never buy a ticket that is offered before the official presale start. The ticket dealers are not in possession of valid tickets at that time. There is a risk that you will never receive the tickets you paid for. The following platforms are generally not official presale points, but resellers or exchange platforms on which professional and private resellers engage in speculative trading with the purchase and sale of event tickets: Alltickets, Viagogo, Onlineticketsshop, Worldticketshop, Vienna Ticketoffice, Ticketbande, Ebay, Ricardo.

We strongly advise against purchasing tickets on these platforms.

Read official message from SMPA

Ticket terms and conditions

After submitting a ticket order you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all order details and an online invoice in a PDF document. Invoice and bank details will be attached for you as the customer. The payment is due within 5 days after delivery of the e-mail invoice! The sending of a ticket order is considered a valid purchase transaction and is therefore completed. A refund of the ticket is not possible after payment of the purchase amount.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for transportation to the festival by public transport?

No, public transport by train and bus between Visp and the festival site, as well as between Gampel station and the festival site are now included in the ticket price. Not included in the ticket price, however, is the night transport by PostBus Valais between 00:00 and 06:00. This unique integration is the result of a cooperation between Openair Gampel on the one hand and the public transport providers SBB Rail Away, RegionAlps, PostBus Valais and Ruffiner Reisen on the other. This also includes the shuttle transport for the parking lot users Turtmann, whereby they pay for the shuttle through the parking fee.

Do I have to register my ticket for the 2023 Festival?

This year you don't have to register your ticket. The ticket can be redeemed directly at the cash desk at the main entrance.

Can I visit the festival with my 1000 days ticket?

Your 1000 Days ticket is valid for the 2023 edition. For the festival 2024 the ticket will lose its validity.

Do I have a 1000 Days Action ticket?

On all tickets of the 1000 days promotion, there is explicitly the note "1000 days promotion". This should also be visible on the order confirmation from Ticketcorner.

I would like to upgrade my ticket to PREMIUM. How to do it?

Please send the following information to to upgrade:
Name and first name, postal and billing address, existing ticket category (incl. photo attached), desired ticket category. Afterwards we can give you further information about the upgrade by mail.

Are helpers still needed?

From around the end of May, job postings will be published on our social media. Afterwards, you can apply to these postings if you like a job there. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are my colleagues allowed to join me (premium owner) in the same campsite on Thursday with a normal ticket?

Camping for PREMIUM owners is in a separate place. It cannot be guaranteed that your colleagues will have space next to you in this area.
Premium ticket holders will have the opportunity to move into the campsite already on Wednesday evening and secure a great spot on the campsite. It is important to mention that it is forbidden to reserve the places for the other group of friends only on Wednesday evening.

How long can I stay at the campsite with a 1-day pass?

You are welcome to stay at the campsite with a valid festival ticket. It doesn't matter which ticket category you have. The campsite is open from Thursday - Sunday for everyone with a valid ticket.

For example, with a 1-day pass Saturday, can I already enter the festival area at 00:00 on Saturday?

With your Saturday Day Pass you are allowed to enter the festival area from Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 09:00.

Where can I park my caravan / camper?

On the airfield in Turtmann there is the Park & Ride, where you can park your caravan for an extra charge. However, there is no electricity and water connection there, it has only some toilets on site.

Are there free campsites in the region?

All hotels in the nearby area are already fully booked. There are still some free rooms in Visp, Brig, Sierre and Leuk.

Do we still have free slots for our band?

For the Openair Gampel 2023 we have already covered all slots. Feel free to contact us from October 2023 with your application to the following address:

Can I get a stand for the 2023 festival?

For the Openair Gampel 2023 we have already assigned all booth places. Please contact us again in October 2023 with your stand application.